Hey there! Thanks for joining us here at the Fans League Network. Please note that these guidelines contain some salty language – so this page is not a safe place for children or the easily offended. But these guidelines are still important for every Fans Leaguer to understand, so please review them carefully to avoid any future potential misunderstandings.

I’m not sure how many of you checked our Terms of Service when you signed up – but if you’re like most of us…you probably didn’t. Basically, we’re trying to create a different kind of community here…in a good way.

The online world and social media have become this bubbling cauldron of triggering and outrage, as well as conspiracy theories and all sorts of other random and unwanted pleasantries.

We’re trying to create something different here – so we have three rules for all interactions on Fans League network sites:

So what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that you must post content and interact with your fellow Fans Leaguers on this site with three principles in mind:

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

Fan videos on the FL network channels (including our own Fans League Originals) are produced by and for fans, on a limited budget. The fans producing these videos are NOT professional broadcasters, journalists or analysts – and most of them don’t work on slick studio sets. So please keep the production critiques to yourself.

Differences in opinion are encouraged, but personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. You are expected to attack someone’s opinion, not the person offering that opinion – or the production quality of his or her videos. NEVER make it personal.

Try your best to stick to sports. Avoid bringing up potentially divisive topics such as politics on the site and forums. We recognize that sometimes this is unavoidable, as sports and politics often come to intersect. In those cases, please remember to treat other members who may disagree with you with respect and civility. Political debates are an essential part of our democracy and nation. But these debates and discussions simply don’t belong in our community, so please take them somewhere else.

Don’t be a troll. You’re sharing the Fans League network with other fans – some of whom may root for teams that you utterly despise. Avoid triggering and trolling behavior by staying away from generalizations – like proclaiming that a certain team sucks, or that a certain team’s fans blow. Trolling is something we take very seriously – so if you wish to engage in it, head on back to Twitter and flame away. If you’re a troll, we don’t want you here.

What happens if someone violates these Community Guidelines?

For a minor incident or the first infraction within six months, you will receive a WARNING.

For a moderate incident or the second violation within six months, you will receive a SUSPENSION, most likely for a couple of weeks to a month.

For a major incident or the third violation within a six-month period, your membership will be TERMINATED. Terminated members have the right to reapply for membership, but will only be readmitted after securing a member sponsor and a successful league-wide vote of the entire membership.

The severity of each incident will be exclusively determined by the FLTV administrators.

What if you witness bad behavior on one of our network sites?

Since we are a self-monitoring organization, you are expected to report any bad behavior or abusive content that you witness on all Fans League properties.

The most effective way to report any incidences of abuse or inappropriate content is to click on the REPORT SITE ISSUE OR ABUSE link at the bottom right of every page. The link will take you to a form, which you can fill out with all relevant details and submit to FLTV admins.

Some final thoughts…

Please note that we expect disagreement and debate within the Fans League network. We are a community of sports fans, and as such, we are a very passionate bunch. Just keep in mind the three principles that we outlined above, and think before you post or reply to something.

Thanks for your attention to these guidelines. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to post them in the Forums.

Hope to see you on the inside. Have fun!