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      The following teams are available for purchase and management in the MBLS baseball sim league. All MBLS franchise owners must purchase the latest copy of the OOTP 20 baseball simulation program, and use the program to serve as the GM and manager of their team.

      NOTE: Sim league competition is currently open to Premium, Gold and Platinum members only.

      All teams will be assigned to Premium, Gold and Platinum members on a first-come, first-served basis. Please reply to claim a team.


      Hodges League East  

      Brooklyn Batmen (Brooklyn, NY)
      Queens Kings (Queens, NY)
      New England Minutemen (Boston, MA)
      Montreal Bobcats (Montreal, Que)
      Norfolk Tides (Norfolk, VA)

      Hodges League Central
      St. Louis Pride (St. Louis, MO)
      Chicago Bruins (Chicago, IL)
      Detroit Wolverines (Detroit, MI)
      Atlanta Armadillos (Atlanta, GA)
      Pittsburgh Buccaneers (Pittsburgh, PA)

      Hodges League West
      Oakland Mules (Oakland, CA)
      Portland Pelicans (Portland, OR)
      San Diego Surf (San Diego, CA)
      Los Angeles Stars (Los Angeles, CA)
      Houston Broncos (Houston, TX)

      Johnson League East
      South Bronx Legends (Bronx, NY)
      Boston Wolfpack (Boston, MA)
      Baltimore Bay Sox (Baltimore, MD)
      Gotham City 86ers (New York, NY)
      Philadelphia Veterans (Philadelphia, PA)

      Johnson League Central
      Cincinnati Cougars (Cincinnati, OH)
      Cleveland Spiders (Cleveland, OH)
      Indianapolis Stallions (Indianapolis, IN)
      New Orleans Zephyrs (New Orleans, LA)
      Toronto Rebels (Toronto, ON)

      Johnson League West
      Bay City Sharks (San Francisco, CA)
      Anaheim Dragons (Anaheim, CA)
      Phoenix Scorpions (Phoenix, AZ)
      Seatlle Whales (Seattle, WA)
      Sacramento Condors (Sacramento, CA)

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